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Remote Control Rose Retractable Anal Plug

Remote Control Rose Retractable Anal Plug

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Product Description

The Rose Toy Anal Vibrator features Bluetooth connectivity to seamlessly link with the iOS and Android-compatible app, offering 9 pre-set modes adjustable through the remote control or phone. The app allows for personalized vibrations, adding versatility to your pleasure experience.
Designed in the shape of a rose, this intimate accessory combines romance with comfort. Crafted from soft silicone, it ensures a satisfying and pleasant user experience.
Ideal for both solo play and couples, the vibrator offers traditional remote control options, as well as unique movie, music, and video-call modes. Experience synchronized vibrations with your favorite entertainment or engage in online, face-to-face control with your partner.
The device boasts a one-button control for both thrusting and vibrating sensations, with an added power boost feature for maximum intensity. It is USB magnetic rechargeable, enhancing efficiency and extending battery life, and is also waterproof at an IPX7 level for versatile use.
In summary, this adult rose toy brings innovation and excitement to intimate moments, offering a range of features to cater to various preferences.

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