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Multifunctional Vibrating Suction Masturbation Cup

Multifunctional Vibrating Suction Masturbation Cup

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Product Description

Experience the versatility of our male masturbator cup designed for an oral sex sensation. With three adjustable suction levels, ranging from slow to fast, and 10 vibration settings targeting the most sensitive part of your penis, it replicates the intimate feeling of your partner kissing your glans.
Engage the Storm Mode for the ultimate experience, combining intense suction and vibration—perfect for an explosive grand finale after a teasing edging session. Get ready for a toe-curling sensation.
This deep-throat oral sex toy features a chamber that expands during suction, allowing your penis to go deeper. When deflating, the non-penetrating sleeve snugly wraps around your penis, simulating the natural physiological reaction of the throat during deep-throat oral sex.
The soft and realistic masturbator sleeve, designed to mimic a sensual mouth, is both soft and thick. The inner wall is textured with particles of different sizes to increase friction, providing a pleasurable massage for every inch of your penis.
Enjoy a discreet experience with the quiet and easy-to-clean design. The inner sleeve is detachable, making post-use cleaning a simple task. Note that the outer casing should be cleaned with care.


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