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Fully Automatic Vacuum Masturbation Cup

Fully Automatic Vacuum Masturbation Cup

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Unmatched Power and Flexibility: This device boasts potent rotation and thrusting modes, coupled with a specially crafted sleeve cup and a secure suction base, ensuring a profoundly satisfying experience.
Instant Bliss with One-Click: Activate the "lightning" button for a rapid surge in thrust and rotation, propelling you into an electrifying climax. Ideal for swift, intense gratification, especially in the absence of a partner.
Dynamic Rotation & Thrusting Modes: Immerse yourself in a range of thrusting and spinning modes with textured sleeves, ensuring each moment is distinctive. It also contributes to enhancing stamina for a more thrilling couple's life.
Realistic 3D Sleeve: The lifelike 3D Realistic Sleeve, featuring a soft texture and intricate pleats, emulates the sensations of oral sex. It stands out as a premium choice, offering a superior experience compared to cheap, rigid plastic alternatives.
Effortless Maintenance: Keeping your device in top condition is simple with a detachable, washable sleeve. Discreet packaging ensures your privacy is maintained.


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