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Remote Control Fiber Optic Anal Plug

Remote Control Fiber Optic Anal Plug

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Product Description

Explore the pinnacle of sensory pleasure with our Wireless Luminous Remote Control Anal Plug. Meticulously crafted for unparalleled satisfaction, this cutting-edge device is engineered to elevate your intimate moments to unprecedented levels.
Featuring 10 invigorating vibration modes, this plug offers a diverse range of sensations tailored to satisfy your deepest desires. Constructed from non-toxic, eco-friendly acrylic material, it prioritizes safety while ensuring an unforgettable experience.
Illuminate your playtime with its captivating LED emitting design. When activated, these luminescent anal plugs glow in 7 vibrant colors, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Revel in the brilliance as they remain at their peak brightness for an astonishing 2 hours, enhancing the allure of your intimate encounters.
Effortlessly explore and switch between the various vibration modes with its user-friendly remote control. The plug's optimal dimensions of 3.8cm (1.5 inches) in diameter and 36.5cm (14.4 inches) in length, combined with its lightweight of 81g, guarantee comfort during use.
Rechargeable via USB, this plug ensures uninterrupted pleasure after a quick 150-minute charge, delivering an exhilarating 60 minutes of playtime. Moreover, its waterproof design not only encourages adventurous exploration in water but also facilitates hassle-free cleaning.
Embark on a sensory journey like never before with the Wireless Luminous Remote Control Anal Plug. From its mesmerizing LED display to its versatile vibrations and body-safe materials, this plug guarantees an exquisite voyage towards unrestrained satisfaction and intimate fulfillment.

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