What is the power of self-pleasure and why is it important?

What is the power of self-pleasure and why is it important?

In advance of the upcoming May Masturbation Month and to better celebrate it. Let's talk about what the power of self-pleasure is and why it's important.

Today, self-pleasure and masturbation are still relatively taboo topics. Due to the influence of social culture or religion, people are still shy and find it difficult to talk about self-pleasure. Therefore, understanding self-pleasure and the power it can bring is often overlooked, so it’s time to explore what is the power of self-pleasure and why is it important?

What is the truth about self-pleasure?

So what exactly is self-pleasure? Self-pleasure includes physical and mental pleasure, and is also a way to explore, accept, and embrace self-happiness.

Some people may think that self-pleasure is the same as masturbation, but this is not actually the case. Self-pleasure can be reading pornographic works, masturbating, but also includes non-sexual activities, such as meditation, cooking, getting close to nature, etc. Any activity that makes you feel good can be counted as self-pleasure.

Why is self-pleasure important?

Everyone has the right to enjoy their own happiness. Regardless of gender, age, or sexual orientation, everyone can have a healthy and fulfilling sex life. Self-pleasure not only allows you to better understand what makes you feel good, it is also good for your health. Can release dopamine, endorphins, etc. These hormones can relieve stress, improve mood, and increase happiness.

What are the benefits of self-pleasure?


Exploring self-pleasure can help us relax, relieve stress, increase our sense of well-being, and lead to better sleep quality.

2. In a long-distance relationship

For people in long-distance relationships, masturbation can relieve and satisfy their physiological needs during the period of separation from their partner. You can also have phone sex with your partner to enhance intimacy and connect with each other.

3. Self-healing

Self-pleasure is a great way to heal yourself, not only to relax your body and mind, but also to make yourself feel happy. Also during a breakup or a sad situation, self-pleasure can relieve the current sad mood and allow us to find our own happiness.

4. Know yourself

Self-pleasure is a great way to explore your body and feel your own pleasure. You can understand what behaviors you like and what will make you happier. You can also better guide your partner and tell your partner what kind of behaviors you like and what you want the other person to do to you.

5. Explore new horizons

Broaden a new perspective on self-pleasure. Self-pleasure is not just about masturbation, but also about doing anything that makes you feel happy and relaxed. Let yourself feel what you feel comfortable and happy about, and give yourself a better sense of happiness.

Learn more about what makes you feel good, and try using a variety of different sexual positions, or various methods, such as sex toys. It can also be a good way to build sexual confidence.

There is no right or wrong way to masturbate. As long as it makes you feel good, it is right for you. In the process of exploring masturbation, be sex-positive and don't be judgmental or shameful. mood.

Tips for improving self-pleasure

1. Meditation and breathing exercises

Focus on your current feelings and breathing, and clear your mind of other cluttered thoughts. Breathe fully and let your body parts feel it. Before starting to explore self-pleasure, perform breathing exercises and meditation to focus more on feelings and allow our bodies to gain more energy.

2. Comfortable environment

A comfortable environment is very helpful for self-pleasure. A clean and tidy bedroom, plus good fragrance, ambient lighting and sexy music. It can put us in a better mood, feel more relaxed and comfortable, and ignite each other's sexual desire.

3. Add sex toys

Want to better experience the pleasure of self-pleasure? Trying to use sex toys is a good choice. Not only does it provide more intense stimulation, it also frees your hands, allowing you to have a better experience. And there are many types and choices of sex toys. If you like, you can also use them together to bring more intense stimulation and the possibility of mixed orgasms.

4. Use lubricating oil

Using lube not only provides a smoother experience, but also enhances pleasure and stimulation. Let the body enter the state faster and reduce discomfort and pain caused by friction. If it is your first time to choose lubricant, my recommendation is water-based lubricant, which is more friendly to sensitive skin and will not react with silicone sex toys and latex condoms. It is suitable for many occasions and situations.

Final thoughts

Self-pleasure is very important to us. Not only can we better understand our own preferences, discover ways to make ourselves happy, and have the ability to be happy, it is also very helpful for our physical and mental health. It can improve our mood and relieve stress. Stress, better sleep quality and more.

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