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Does the popular TIKTOK rose toy really live up to its name?

The Rose is a sex toy shaped like a rose, and unlike some other sex toys, it actually looks stylish and attractive on your nightstand. I tested its camouflage abilities by placing it prominently next to the bathroom sink and on the lounge table. As a sex toy. Most likely, they thought it was a scented candle or a high-end soap, which is a prudent option for those concerned about privacy.

Let’s dive into the main focus of this review:

How good are rose vibes in terms of self-pleasure?

Let's be honest: the sensations this toy produces are pretty weird. At first, I was convinced it was a suction toy. The round design in the center of the rose does create a suction-like feeling when properly lubricated and used. Press on the clitoris. However, upon closer inspection, I realized that it doesn't technically appeal to the clitoris.

Deep within the core of the rose (notice the hole in the middle?), there is an oscillating bulge. As it moves back and forth, it creates pressure changes in the central chamber. This results in an experience similar to thousands of tiny sucking kisses in quick succession, accompanied by quite intense pounding vibrations.

How is a rose toy different from an ordinary vibrator?

Of course, it’s really the part that gives it a unique feel.

It's noticeably different from a standard vibrator, which is part of the reason it took me so long to gather my thoughts. When I first tried the clitoral rose toy, I couldn't quite reach orgasm because my brain was confused by the unfamiliar sensation. So, naturally, I stashed it away in a drawer and didn't think much about it for a month or so, unsure of how to express my experience with a toy that didn't quite live up to my body's expectations.

But then. Something has changed.

It's not unusual for me to have a fairly active masturbation habit - but lately, my libido has been off the charts. It can be said that a new relationship can really rev up the engine. Exploring new people and discovering their likes and fantasies naturally leads us to spend a lot of time imagining the passionate encounters to come. At least, that's how it works for me. I could consider all those hours spent daydreaming about our next date as “work.” In short, I've always been an avid self-pleaser, but now, I'm even more prolific.


When you're like me, here's what tends to happen:

Your body gets used to a certain type of stimulation, which makes it a little difficult to reach orgasm using the same method.

Over time, your favorite fantasies lose their potency, just like you no longer find the jokes in your favorite sitcom funny after multiple viewings.

You find yourself spending most of your day cleaning sex toys because by eleven in the morning you've exhausted all your usual options.

So, I decided to revisit Rose Toys in hopes of changing things up. I'm happy to report that, this time, it worked. In fact, very good. Maybe it helps that I indulge in some fantasies involving being pleasured by a row of dominant men - the feel of the toy lends itself to this scenario. But more importantly, it's the variety my body craves, and this unique and powerful little rose delivers exactly what I need.

For me, the different patterns it offers are the real highlight of this toy. While I'm not usually a fan of patterned vibrations, sometimes the choice to switch between a constant, intense "kiss" and a vibrating sensation can make a big difference. Because the toys stay in one place, the variety of patterns kept me guessing and added to the excitement.

Plus, because it's so different from the deep whole-body vibrations of a wand or the surface buzz of a bullet, the orgasmic buildup to a rose toy is incredibly long. Some people may find this frustrating, and I certainly would be frustrated if I was interrupted by the doorbell, but most of the time, it means that when I climax, it's incredibly intense and satisfying - far from it Far more than the quick release I got from my body. Ordinary toys.

I haven't used it during partnered sex, but I can imagine its fixed design being advantageous in some situations. Being able to hand your partner a sex toy while you're engaged in other activities without having to direct their movements can definitely add a new dimension to the experience.

If you are a fan of clitoral suction toys, then the sensations this toy provides will undoubtedly satisfy your needs. Plus, it's cute, magnetically rechargeable, completely waterproof (perfect for bath time fun), and adds a delightful touch to your bathroom decor when dry.

Rose Kisses Sucking Toy


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